A 12-week program designed to help early-stage female business owners gain clarity and create a business you love, with clear offerings & content strategy that helps you sign your next 3 clients 

with Abbie

get clear & take confident action

clarity, strategy & action

what if I told you it doesn't have to be like this?

You have no clear strategy for moving forwards + your end goal seems far away

Your content feels like a chore and you’re struggling to build a community

You’re overwhelmed and feel constantly busy, but feel you’re not moving forwards

You’re struggling to decide on a niche and figure out who your target audience is

You’re feeling stuck and frustrated + not sure where to focus your efforts

You make all the plans but take none of the action

Does any of this sound familiar?

 To have a business that will allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. You’ve wanted it for so long. But it’s never felt like the *right* time, or it seems like an impossible task. You’re getting so fed up with yourself for not taking any action. You’re so ready to make a change! I know exactly how you feel, because this used to be me. I spent years and years over planning and not feeling ‘ready’, when in reality I just wasn’t clear.


I know this means so much to you 

i'm ready for this



Gaining                     can change everything. You will feel so aligned with yourself and your business. Your content ideas come to you with ease, you’re enjoying your work and clients find            

Are you ready to gain clarity?

"The Gaining Clarity Program came at exactly the right time for me, I now know exactly what I need to do, and who I am doing it for which is the biggest thing for me. It was honestly one of the best investments I have made in my business! Abbie helped me get clear on my messaging and take inspired action regularly. After each call I felt  motivated to take the next step and I kept getting so many ideas,   because I finally had clarity with my business!"

"I can confidently say that I feel so clear on my business and its vision. Through Abbie’s program I have been doing my best work, this is because I now realise I am working with businesses I have a genuine interest in & passion for which makes everyday at work enjoyable! I have found that my dream clients are attracted to my business and what I can bring to the table and feel that I am more confident, authentic and full of purpose!"

 "Before working with Abbie I was stuck in such a rut with my business. Having finished the program, I am now clear on what I am offering, why I'm offering it and how I can nurture my business to grow in a sustainable way. My client enquiries have more than doubled, my engagement + interaction rate on social media is through the roof, but more importantly, I have a new found drive and passion for my business!"

 Amy Lill - Mindset Coach

Mari Schweitzer - Virtual Assistant

Rachael McQuade - Marketing Coach

But don’t just take my word for it...

guess what? you can!

+ Get really clear on your niche + target audience so you know exactly where to focus your efforts

+ Have your content and offerings speak directly to your audience because you know exactly what they want

+ Attract your dream clients

+ Streamline your content creation and save time

+ Feel completely aligned and confident with your business

+ Have a manageable roadmap and strategy that makes you feel motivated and ready to take action!

Imagine if you could...

> Scrolling on Instagram through business accounts wishing you could do it too

> Downloading and enrolling on countless courses and freebies

> Doubting yourself and wondering if this is for you

> Attracting an audience that doesn’t feel right

> Feeling flat, unmotivated & frustrated with yourself

> Constantly learning about your industry because you just love it so damn much

> Creating plans but not taking any action

> Wondering how other people do it all and how much they have their sh*t together

The Gaining Clarity Program is for you if you’re currently…

An 8-week group coaching program designed to help you go from overwhelm to taking confident action. Working on nailing down your niche, creating a clear content and brand strategy and having a business completely aligned to you. 

We’ll dive deep into what you want, understanding the bigger picture for your business, and work backwards from this to create a clear coherent strategy so you can take confident action and build your dream business!


The Gaining Clarity


We’re covering a lot so the last 2 weeks are for implementation. You'll be supported from the group (and me!) in taking that confident action.

Taking Confident Action


Week 9-10: 

Nailing down your target audience and how you will serve them.

Your Signature Offers & Freebies


Week 6-8: Module 4:

Create a content strategy aligned to you, where you enjoy content creation, save time and can spend it connecting with your community.

Building Community & Content Platforms


Week 4-6: Module 3: 

Getting really clear on exactly who and what you’re helping with. Understanding your audience inside & out.

Identifying your services, which speak directly to your target audience with clear messaging and sales funnel.

Niche & Audience

Week 2-4: Module 2: 

A very important step in the process. Making sure you are creating a business that aligns with YOU.

Your Bigger Visions, Values & Why

Getting Clear

Week 1-2: Module 1: 



what will we

Group brunch in London (restrictions permitting)

I’d love to get the group together if we can!

FB Live Q&As

If you have any questions throughout the program I will be answering them live in the FB group weekly.

4 masterclasses, supporting workbooks & resources

4 jam packed masterclasses with supporting materials to work through.

10 weeks of support in a private Facebook group

A closed community to support and empower each other! A group of accountability partners, sounding boards and personal cheerleaders.

4 x bi-weekly 90-minute hot seat group sessions

Calls will be held at 7.30pm BST every other Tuesday from 4th May 2021. These will be recorded and shared for those who can’t make it!




in your business?


ready to gain

And I know what you’re thinking, what makes this any different to the hundreds of courses or freebies you’ve downloaded prior to reading this page? Because I’m committed to helping you get clear, gain clarity and move forward. I have been through this exact process with my own business and I’m so ready to help you do the same!

My 3 main values are growth, contribution and authenticity. I am always looking to become a better version of myself in order to serve my clients in the best way possible. I love nothing more than to see my clients win and I can’t explain how much it gives me a little buzz inside when I’ve helped you gain clarity.

I’m a massive lover of lists, productivity and using your time effectively and efficiently.. So expect me to be your personal accountability partner and checking in on you but also celebrating every single win with you!

By investing in a coach you are also making a commitment to yourself, to make a change & take action! Are you ready to get started?

I’m a business coach passionate about helping women get clear so they can move forward and take confident action. I know exactly how you feel. I know how frustrating it feels to know you want change but not be moving forwards towards it.

meet abbie

about your coach


When is the start date of the program?
TBC! Join the waitlist above

How long is the program?
The course content will last 8 weeks, with 2 additional weeks for implementation and for feedback from the group. The Facebook group will be active for 10 weeks. 

How will the calls work?
The group masterclass calls will be held bi-weekly via Zoom. These calls will be recorded if you’re not able to make the calls.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes! Payment plan is 50% upfront and then the additional 50% 1 month after initial payment.

Where will I access the workbooks?
The workbooks will be shared via email and in the Facebook group.

Why is there 10-weeks for the Facebook group but it’s an 8-week program?
There is a lot of information in the first 8 weeks and so the final 2 weeks are where you can really put that into action and where more questions might pop up! I want to support you the entire way!



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