The 4-month business accelerator for coaches and service providers to NAIL their messaging and PERFECT their positioning so they can ATTRACT their dream clients with ease (in a way that feels completely aligned).

with Abbie


the Built for Business 

                                    to go from having doubt in your offerings to complete clarity & confidence, with your dream clients sliding into your DMs?

Are you sick of questioning how you'll ever make money in your business whilst you constantly are seeing others hitting 4-5 figure months thinking “
why can’t that be me”? 

Built  for Business Accelerator


is the exact thing for you!

Are you ready

What would consistent £5k+ months mean for you and your business? 

That’s because I've totally been there too.

It’s like I read your
mind, right?

It’s like I read your mind, right?
That’s because I've totally been there too.

You’re constantly comparing yourself to others in your industry wondering why it seems to be so easy for them

You want to be charging more, making an impact AND an income

You’re not feeling 100% clear or confident with your offerings so you’re struggling to show up with them

You're always trying to find new solutions to grow in a sustainable way

You don't feel 100% confident that it's possible for you to make money in your business

You're not signing clients and it's making you feel like you're not good at what you do (*fake news*)

You are working on 893575 things all at the same time and not sure where to focus first

You’re constantly questioning whether you’re doing things *right* or making the *right* decisions

You know what you want but you're struggling on the how, so your goals feel so far away

You're showing up consistently on your socials  but it's not resulting in consistent clients

Tell me… is this where you’re at right now?

i'm ready for this

I felt like I was doing             the things, I was showing up consistently, I was creating lots of content but the sales weren’t rolling in. It was exhausting. I KNEW I had so much to give, but I just wasn’t getting the traction with clients.

It wasn’t until I got laser focused on my messaging, perfected my positioning and stacked my services to SERVE, that it all changed for me. Like, almost immediately.

I went from questioning how I’d ever make money in my business, to signing clients consistently.
I went from inconsistent £1-2k months to consistent 5-figure months -with the help of having solid foundations and marketing & sales strategy. And I want to share this with you too!


"After working with Abbie, I've got SO much clarity. Instead of diving all my attention between a million different things I'm able to put energy confidently into one thing at a time. I'm booked out with clients and I'm excitedly working on brand new offerings!I knew I would leave with clarity, but I didn't realise how confident that would make me. I also never imagined I'd hit my goals so quickly - Abbie is a magician!! If you’re thinking about investing - DO IT! You won't regret it. I know the idea of investing in your business can be scary - but you will make it all back and SO much more."

Emma - Conscious Business Coach

But don’t just take my word for it...

This your high speed ticket to attracting & signing clients consistently in your business...

Built for Business Accelerator

Like I said, I know exactly what you’re going through right now, and that’s why I created the 

i'm SO ready for this

Having the tools to know exactly what to say online to cut through the noise and speak directly to your SOULMATE CLIENTS

Feeling confident AF in your services and offerings with dream clients coming TO YOU

Feeling free from overwhelm and knowing everything you want is SO possible for you (and knowing how to get it!)

Having a clear plan on where to take intentional action in your business not only to build but to GROW

Seeing stripe notifications popping up on your phone with consistent income each month *CHING CHING*

get ready for


That’s a whopping             of value!


Worth £399

on your niche & positioning


to go

1 x 1:1 call with me

Worth £899



Supporting workbooks & my

Worth £999

channel (Mon-Fri)



Worth £2299

coaching calls

Hot seat group


Worth £2499

training modules



And this is how we’re going to do it, together! Inside this programme, you’ll receive…

Group copy club session where we dive deep into your content together!

Guest expert sessions including a money & manifestation expert

'Your Future You' resources hub - filled with resources to support your growth


But wait…I almost forgot your 

Babe, I know you’re well and truly done with feeling frustrated and you’re ready for a business full of an abundance of clients, expansive growth and feeling confident AF in your offerings... it's time to make magic together.

We’re quantum leaping honey, 

are you ready ?

Use code EARLYBIRD for £200 off on both plans.

Yes, you read that right… that’s over £7095 of value for           (or £1799 on early bird!)




4 x

Payment plan


Pay in full

Your investment…


The results below are waiting for

Hot leads > Nailing discovery calls & customer journey

Module 12:

High-converting masterclasses & freebies

Module 11:

Money Mindset & selling (without feeling icky)

Module 10:

Perfecting your positioning & sales strategy


Perfecting your positioning 

Module 9:

Creating your product suite + pricing

Module 8:

How to create an in-demand offer

Module 7:

Creating in-demand offers


Content platforms & audience growth

Module 6:

Ideation > high-converting content

Module 5:

Understanding your ideal client 

Module 4:

Nailing your content & messaging


Nailing Your Niche

Module 3:

Mindset & Energetics

Module 2:

Gaining clarity in your vision & brand

Module 1:

Aligning your brand & mindset for success


Take a look inside…

Built for Business Accelerator

are going to get you to those consistent multiple 4 and even 5 figure months so much faster - and who wouldn’t want that?

I know I want that for you…

I created this for you because I know you’re worth more than letting self-doubt get in the way of what you truly desire. It’s time to ditch the hours of questioning your content and feeling stuck on HOW to achieve your goals and start having complete clarity in how to move forward.

Everything you desire is so possible for you.

Sure, you can go it alone, and it might even work… - but the shortcuts included in

Hannah Sharma -
Womxn’s Mindset Coach

"Before I started working with Abbie I was lacking clarity in my messaging, and was procrastinating. I now have switched up my niche (best thing I have done in my business so far), been consistently showing up and have gained clients including a corporate client!

If you’re thinking about investing with Abbie I would just say do it! - the progress I have made while working with her has been huge. It is a no brainer."

Rachael McQuade - Marketing Coach

"Before working with Abbie I was stuck in such a rut with my business. Having finished the program, I am now clear on what I am offering, why I'm offering it and how I can nurture my business to grow in a sustainable way. My client enquiries have more than doubled, my engagement + interaction rate on social media is through the roof, but more importantly, I have a new found drive and passion for my business!"

 Amy Lill - Mindset Coach

"Abbie’s program was honestly one of the best investments I have made in my business! Abbie helped me get clear on my messaging and take inspired action. I now know exactly what I need to do, and who I am doing it for which is the biggest shift for me".

Why is this different to other group programs?
This is a high-touch group program, where you will have support via the BFB slack channel and also a 1:1 call so I'm able to be IN your business with you.

What do I need to get started?
This program is for coaches and service providers who have their business idea, but need support in signing clients! 

What is hot-seat coaching?
Hot-seat coaching is where you will be able to be in the *hot-seat* and ask any questions so I can coach you and give direct feedback/advice during the sessions tailored to the questions you ask.

When does the program start?
We kick off on the 3rd March!

What is your coaching style?
I offer a hybrid of coaching & mentoring, so not only do I guide you through the process, I also teach you the how, so when we finish working together you can spread your wings & do it all. (It's time to fly honey...)

The FAQs

From getting to this point in the page I KNOW you’re ready for more. More consistency, more sales, more income. So what are you waiting for?

It’s game time honey, 2022 is going to be YOUR year. It’s time to jump aboard the high speed train for consistent income months… CHOO CHOO


You know what to do

And I know what you’re thinking, what makes this any different to the courses or freebies you’ve downloaded prior to reading this page? Because I don't only guide you, I teach you the tools so you can go on and create magic. I have been through this exact process with my own business & clients and I’m so ready to help you do the same!

My 3 main values are growth, purpose and freedom.

GROWTH: I love nothing more than to see my clients win and I can’t explain how much it gives me a little buzz inside when you get those light-bulb moments and it all clicks into place.

PURPOSE: To create a purpose-led business, where you are feeling so fulfilled you switch from living for breaks > enjoying every day.

FREEDOM: I not only want you to have freedom with your time, but also freedom from your mind too. To feel confident in your decisions and feel free to be 100% yourself.

By investing in a coach you are also making a commitment to your business & yourself, to make a change & take action!
Are you ready to get started?

Hi honey! It's lovely to meet you!

I’m a marketing & business coach and mentor passionate about helping women gain clarity and reach your goals, faster than you think.

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